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Foundational Fitness Made Fun!

Working with Children is a much different process than working with adult clientele. Metabolic fitness must be developed gradually over time, taking into consideration a child’s maturation level, motivation, and experience. Our Certified Youth Trainers make fitness enjoyable, and the experience of personal success motivating. We have developed a treatment program that focuses on both physical fitness and lifestyle habits to influence weight-reduction, reduce risk of disease, and avoid health complications down the road. Our programs are designed to be fun and exciting, while instilling a passion for physical activity, and improving overall body wellness. Grow up strong, healthy, and happy with the CompleteFitKid children’s fitness program.

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Who Is CompleteFitKid Designed For?

CompleteFitKid is designed for all kids aged 6-17. Get happy & healthy With CompleteFitKid!


Control Your Weight


Improve Agility and Coordination


Strengthen Bones and Muscles


Improve Mental Health and Mood

Meet Our Coaches!

CompleteFitKid is a revolutionary after-school fitness program developed by Children’s Fitness Specialist Tina Sowers, and Olympic Sports Physician Dr. Donald Richardson. Our coaches introduce physical activity as a fun and essential part of daily life. Tina and Dr. Richardson have cleverly disguised the elements of fitness into fun, exciting, and motivating obstacle courses, relay races, and games.

Physical Activity For A Happy Mentality!

Physically active kids are happier and more satisfied with their lives. Exercise has been proven to increases endorphins and other feel-good brain chemicals, reduce the levels of stress hormones and adrenaline in the body, and is a proven remedy for depression and anxiety. A UCLA medical study revealed that participation in physical activity is related to cognitive performance along eight measurement categories: perceptual skills, intelligent quotient, achievement, verbal tests, mathematics tests, memory, developmental level/academic readiness, and other. The results indicated a beneficial relationship of physical activity on all cognitive categories, with the exception of memory.

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